The Best Party Music: DJ or Live Musician?

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What is the best party music? Well, that depends! Mainly it depends on two criteria:

  1. the kind of party you are planning and
  2. your audience.

disco ball - best party musicIn other words: What kind of event are you hosting, and what kind of guests are you expecting? That is what needs to determine your music selection. It certainly helps if you have experienced professionals take care of the music for your party: They can provide the right music selection, a professional presentation, and the necessary sound system.

They also know how to handle different kinds of audiences and understand what works with which crowd.


Who provides the best party music?

Another question is what kind of entertainers/musicians you want to hire:

  • a DJ?
  • a live band?
  • a solo musician/singer?

Let’s face it: A good live band can greatly impact a party and add a lot to the show factor of things, especially if the singers/musicians know how to interact with the audience! However, even the best of live bands has a comparatively limited repertoire. This means limited flexibility when it comes to the style and range of songs. You also need a minimum of space (and usually a stage) to accommodate a whole band and their equipment. In general, a bigger crowd is better when you have a live band, so bands might not be the best option for smaller events.

Another possibility, especially when there is limited room, is a solo musician and/or singer. They can create a great atmosphere in the right setting and add a very personal touch to your party. Leaving the entertainment to a single live musician, however, is likely to limit the musical range for the event even more. That’s why it is crucial to make the proper selection for your particular event.

The third option is hiring a DJ. This comes with a lot of advantages like:

  • a wide range of available songs
  • enhanced flexibility
  • sound, volume, and space easily adaptable to parties of all sizes


What is the right choice for you?

As it turns out, it is not that easy to make a reliable blanket statement about who really provides the best party music! Not only is it a question of your personal vision for your event, but it also hinges very much on the quality and style of the individual artist(s).

Anyway, here is a piece of good news: You don’t necessarily have to decide on either live or DJ music! For example, why not choose a flutist or string quartet for your wedding’s champagne reception and then switch to a DJ for the less formal party afterward? Or how about booking a live singer for a special appearance for an evening that is otherwise “run” by a DJ? There are so many different possibilities, especially if your DJ and the DJ’s team are experienced pros and can see the “big picture” of what you are looking for!

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