The Best Music For Your Wedding: Why Some Songs Don’t Work

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The right music for your wedding reception/party can do a lot to set the atmosphere of the whole event. That’s why the right music selection is so important. That also includes knowing which songs NOT to play!

DJ music for your wedding

The wrong music for your wedding

Sometimes it’s an easy mistake: “I will always love you!” This sounds great, doesn’t it? A promise of neverending love – what could be better suited for a wedding celebration? Well, if this promise comes up in the context of the famous “I will always love you” from the movie “The Bodyguard,” you might want to leave that particular song out this time. Why? Because it is actually about a break-up!

Another tricky one (to say the least) is “Every breath you take” by Sting/The Police with its obsessive, stalkerish context (“Every breath you take […] I’ll be watching you”). Even Sting himself has referred to the lyrics as “sinister.”.

There is also a range of songs that should be included in any NO-PLAY wedding list for more obvious reasons, for example, Tammy Wynette’s “D-I-V-O-R-C-E.”

Also, there might be some songs that you might want to skip because of associated personal memories, as in “my ex’s favorite love song.

Any questions? Talk to the Pros!

Do you want to learn more about those songs that are considered inappropriate for a wedding celebration? Please have a look at our link list below, where you can find several examples to make your no-play list.

There are many benefits to hiring an experienced pro (like a wedding DJ) to provide your wedding music. One of them is that they know what works and what doesn’t. Talk to them about your vision for the wedding reception and party, and make sure to let them know about specific musical wishes about what to play and what NOT to play!

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