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Our CEO, seasoned planner, and professional mix DJ Joel Rabe is passionate about two things: the artistry of event planning and professional success.

Over the years, Joel noticed that the videographers his clients had hired were missing important shots because they were unaware of the event itinerary, and also that they often used subpar equipment. Joel wanted videography to contribute to the success of his clients’ events, so it was a natural progression for Lethal Rhythms to begin offering video services.

Under Joel’s direction, we’ve built a solid video production and editing team. We have experts who excel at capturing the mood and tone of your event and translating that experience.

Lethal Rhythms continues the philosophy of always investing in the BEST equipment.

Need drone shots before the ceremony? No problem we have some of the best drone operators as well!

Lethal Rhythms Black Elegance LED Designer Dance Floor with DJ Joel Rabe at the 2023 Modern Luxury Diamond Awards

DJ Joel Rabe performs at the 2023 Diamond Awards

Check out MULTIPLE brides talking about their wedding experience with Lethal Rhythms!