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Multi Award-Winning SMART LED Dance Floor. The Best Wedding & Event Dance Floor Rental in Atlanta!

Welcome to the Dazzling World of the Lethal Rhythms Designer Dance Floors!

Imagine This: Where Colors Come Alive!

Step into a realm where music, creativity, and energy converge to create unforgettable moments on the dance floor. At Lethal Rhythms, we’re not just about providing dance floors – we’re about crafting experiences that elevate your events to extraordinary heights. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gala, mitzvah, or any special occasion, our state-of-the-art LED Designer Dance Floors are here to ignite the dance party with pulse-pounding beats, vibrant colors, and limitless design possibilities.

Imagine a dance floor that comes to life, pulsating in perfect sync with the music’s rhythm. Our LED Designer Dance Floors are more than just platforms – they’re dynamic works of art that set the stage for an electrifying atmosphere. With the ability to match colors to your event’s theme and offering endless design options, our dance floors aren’t just accessories; they’re the heart of the party, radiating energy and excitement.

As you scroll down, you’ll uncover more treasures – stunning photos showcasing our LED Designer Dance Floors in action, videos capturing the electric ambiance they bring, and heartfelt testimonials from clients who’ve experienced the Lethal Rhythms difference. Notably, even prestigious names like Ferrari and Lamborghini have chosen our floors to spotlight their newest cars, underscoring the sophistication and impact they bring.

Our dance floors redefine events, infusing each step with a sense of wonder and awe. Guests can’t help but feel the anticipation building as they step onto our mesmerizing dance floors. Their excitement is palpable as they become part of an immersive experience, where music, lights, and design intertwine to create moments that linger long after the last note.

But the adventure doesn’t end here – we invite you to visit our photo gallery and video gallery to witness the magic firsthand. Explore our Sonic Gallery, where the beats of DJ Joel Rabe await to captivate your senses. Discover the Lethal Rhythms difference and how our dance floors will make your event extraordinary.

Are you ready to experience the Lethal Rhythms magic? Schedule an appointment to immerse yourself in our world of LED Designer Dance Floors, mesmerizing lighting, cutting-edge video walls, and electrifying DJ performances. Your event deserves the best – and at Lethal Rhythms, we’re here to make it unforgettable.

Welcome to the dazzling world of Lethal Rhythms Designer Dance Floors. Let’s create moments that resonate with rhythm, artistry, and pure excitement!

Lethal Rhythms Black Elegance LED Designer Dance Floor with DJ Joel Rabe at the 2023 Modern Luxury Diamond Awards

DJ Joel Rabe performs at the 2023 Diamond Awards

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Feel the Beat, Embrace the Groove.
Dive into our DJ mixes.
Let the Rhythm set the Mood!

Blazing Beats: Fire & Ice Corporate Event Grooves
Corporate Events Unlimited (Hour 1)
Rhythmic Remix: Wedding Pulse on the Dance Floor
Herrington Wedding Mix
Chameleon Afterdark: Club Frequencies Reimagined
Airplay Mix
Shapeshifting Success: Corporate Rhythms Redefined
Hour 3 On The Floor
Party Sampler
Corporate Party Sampler List
White Controllers
Lethal Rhythms Hotline Party + Latin Mix!
DJ Joel Rabe
Latin Arabic Mix

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🌟 Dance Floor Magic: Unveiling Lethal Rhythms’ Vibrant Creations 🎉

Prepare to be dazzled by the brilliance of Lethal Rhythms’ Designer Dance Floors! From mesmerizing aquatic symphonies at the Georgia Aquarium to joyful birthday bashes and enchanting weddings, our dance floors transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary realms of elegance and energy.

Watch as lights and beats unite in a kaleidoscope of movement and magic, creating moments that dance to the rhythm of your celebrations. Dive into a world where dance becomes a canvas of expression, and every step is a brushstroke of excitement. Let the rhythm guide you to a dance floor experience like no other! 🌟🕺💃

Listen to what our customers have to say.

The LED Motion Graphic “Smart Floor” is here! John and Kate recently had their wedding at Summerour Studios in Atlanta GA! They booked Lethal Rhythms for the DJ, Photobooth and LED Dance Floor – and wow! What a Party! Check out the action in this clip!

The LED Motion Graphic “Smart Floor” is here! This was our new feature for the 2019 Allie Awards! Each time Lethal Rhythms performs for the Allie Awards in Atlanta they bring out new technology to blow peoples minds – and believe me, The Allie Awards After Party of 2019 did not disappoint! Lethal Rhythms unveiled their Brand New LED Intelligent Motion Graphic Dance Floor! Joel Rabe and his team choreographed an amazing opening with dancers, intelligent lighting, professional custom remixes of popular songs incorporating live band elements ((singers, guitarists and saxophones)) to create an incredible party experience! Check out the video to see for yourselves! 🙂

Ansley Golf Club Members Event featuring Band X and the Lethal Rhythms Customized LED “Smart” Dance Floor! Fully programmable with motion, still shots, logos and graphics! This floor is the hottest thing in the market right now! (patent pending)

We designed this floor to be an upgraded advanced version of a traditional “LED” Floor. Here we can feature amazing colors, patterns, designs, logos and more. This is an intelligent dance floor, not a passive “starlight” floor. Everything you could really ever want or have in a smart dance floor!(patent pending)

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Lethal Rhythms introduces our NEW professional LED HI-RES Motion Graphic and Starlight Dance Floors. Perfect for Weddings, Mitzvahs, and Corporate Events! Have Lethal Rhythms bring your next event to another level with dance floors NO ONE else will have!

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Starlight Black Dance Floor

Starlight White Dance Floor

LED Motion Graphic Dance Floor

Read reviews from our happy customers!


We used Joel as our DJ and people were dancing the night away! Everyone loved the photobooth!! It was the hit of the night!


Our DJ went above and beyond ! Added to how fantastic the day was!


Joel was the perfect DJ for our wedding! He truly knows how to read people and keep the energy so hype for the party. He was such a great person to have on our team as we planned our wedding — as he knew all the answers to any questions we had during the planning service! He goes above and beyond to make sure that every detail is going to be perfect so that by your wedding day you are able to just have FUN! His introduction to the garter was the most fun we had the whole night! The photo booth was another great idea that Joel had and now we have pictures for us and our guests to always remember the night! Book Joel and you will have a guaranteed PARTY!


Just what we wanted!Our DJ was Chris and he was great!! An all around great human, with great taste in music. Definitely had us boogying! Also very responsive and professional, and thinks of everything!


Not your average wedding DJMy husband and I met going to concerts and music festivals together so I was very picky about the music for our wedding. I talked to Joel on the phone and immediately felt like he understood what I wanted- funky/disco house vibe with some old and new mixed in to make both my family and my friends happy. He recommended Evan and I couldn’t be happier. Evan was patient, responsive, professional, and fit the vibe of my wedding perfectly. Everyone was dancing.


Joel!!! You far exceeded our expectations on our big day!! Everyone and I mean everyone had an amazing time!! These are some quotes I have heard from my friends and family. “Danced my face off”, “Best Wedding Ever” , “I haven’t danced like that in 20 years”, “Fun as hell”! I could on and on….. Joel, the play list and flow were prefect!! Karen, said to me in December that people remember the food and music at a wedding and you certainly lived up to the Music side for sure!! I will be sure to be recommending you to anyone and everyone! Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again!


From start to finish… Amazing!! The photo booth was so much fun and I’ve never seen that many props before! DJ Kyle MacDonald was on point with music all night and his transitions with one song to the next made for a smooth night! I could not have been more happy with both services and I will definitely recommend Lethal Rhythms to my single friends once they’re turn comes! Thank you so much for excellent service from beginning to end and being amazing professionals to work with!

Kristen + John

Piedmont Garden Tent

DJ Binnie Davis exceeded our expectations. We had so many complements about the music, the transitions, and knowing when to play certain types of music. The volume never overpowered our voices. I know he did a great job when he never had to ask anyone to get up and dance. He knew when it was time to party and he got everyone up. It has been a privileged to work with all of you. We will definitely recommend you guys to anyone we know. With Emilia being an elite yelper for 3 years in a row, I am sure you will get one of the best social media reviews.

Philip + Emilia

Mason Fine Arts

I cannot say enough great things about Lethal Rhythms. Joel got back to me within minutes of my online inquiry, and Ellen was great to work with as we created a timeline for the big day. DJ Brandon Oliver was the best!!!!! He was in touch before the event to make sure the day would go smoothly and to make sure he had a feel for our personalities. Brandon was a fantastic DJ and a great person to have around at the wedding. My husband and I were sore the next day from dancing so much, and our friends are still talking about what great music we had.

Annie + Dave

The Solarium

DJ Joel Rabe was hands down the most PHENOMENAL vendor we had! He knew exactly how to pump a crowd up when it was time and keep everyone on task so that our night went according to schedule. He met with us several times prior to the wedding to ensure that we were going to have everything laid out just the way we wanted. He even made suggestions of best practices and past experiences that were EXTREMELY helpful to us since we had never thrown such an event before. He was exquisite and professional. The day of he even threw in a few little surprises that were just the cherries on top of our perfect evening. His team also met with us a many times before hand to make sure that we found the best package to fit our event and budget so we could get the most value out of all the services offered by Lethal Rhythms Video Services. If you want to create memories that both you and your guests will never forget- you MUST get lethal involved!! We had so many guests that came up to us throughout the night and even weeks after the wedding saying how electric the night was. No one ever sat down! THANK YOU JOEL for making our special day one that even our guests will never forget!

Britney + Mark

Barnsley Resort

DJ Evan Malloy was amazing and a smash hit!! The music truly set the nights tone and Evan did a phenomenal job controlling the energy and people were raving about the music. I can see and now know why you’re so highly rated!! I don’t think I can say enough good things about your company. Thank you goes out to you and the team for making our wedding so special!!

Ryan + Nishi

Lethal Rhythms and Elle Planning do not disappoint! Our decision to work with this team for our wedding was a good one. We had our initial meeting with Joel Rabe who was extremely helpful. After Joel reviewed the all of the available DJs with us, we decided to book DJ Robb Batts – He was awesome. We got exactly what we wanted and everything was perfect. We wanted the dance floor packed all night and Robb really kept the party going. We also worked with Joel to have Ellen Thomas and Laura Burchfield do our day of coordination. These ladies are top notch. Our wedding went so smooth and it is all thanks to their organization. They did so much throughout the day, kept everything on track and seamlessly handled things as they came up. Joel, Robb, Ellen & Laura were fantastic! You do not want to be without this team on your wedding day.

Travis + Jeff

Metro Atlanta Chamber
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