What Are The Greatest Wedding Songs?

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The idea was to compile a list of some of the greatest wedding songs. However, as it turns out, this is not quite as straightforward as it sounds. Let’s face it: When it comes to music, there are many different tastes and genre preferences. Therefore, if you want to compile such a list, some people are always bound to disagree.

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The “Greatest Wedding Songs”… What does that mean, anyway?

Also, there is always the question of how you define “greatest songs” in such a context:

  • the most frequently requested songs
  • the songs that have the most commercially successful
  • the songs with the most artistic value
  • our personal favorites

There is also the question of which part of the wedding is concerned:

  • the ceremony
  • the reception
  • the party
  • the first dance?

Best Weddings Songs According to…

If you ask our DJs, they probably all have their personal favorites among the songs they usually play for a wedding event. Does that make these songs automatically the “best” or “the greatest wedding songs”? Not necessarily, even though it’s definitely a good idea to ask us for song recommendations if you need some inspiration for planning your wedding with us. After all, that’s what we do!

Of course, wedding guests have their favorites as well. Therefore, let’s talk about what people like to hear. The people over at Brides.com have published an article about the “The 100 Most Requested Wedding Songs Of All Time.” It includes hits like Mark Ronson’s/Bruno Marc’s “Uptown Funk.” Of course, that’s not precisely a wedding-themed song. However, it’s very danceable, so that certainly makes it a favorite for the party after the more formal part of the wedding. Another number you can find on that list is Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you.”  However, in our recent blog post about certain “love” songs that are actually NOT a good fit for a wedding, “I will always love you” is one of those we mention. The reason is that a look at the lyrics beyond the title shows that this is actually a song about a breakup! However, maybe due to a misunderstanding, it is still a song that people frequently request at weddings.

Let’s talk!

The above shows you that “greatest” is somewhat relative in this context. When it comes to your own wedding, it’s also very much a question of personal preference. This post is only the first part, and we are going to continue in the next one. Meanwhile, if you are planning your own wedding and are wondering about the right music choices: Let’s talk!

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