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Paul Rodriguez is the most logical, creative person to walk the earth. A young Kennesaw State University graduate, at 22, he is always trying and learning more ways to improve his creative expertise. With over 5 years of freelance photography knowledge and 4 years of journalism study, he is always in the middle of a new project. He prides himself in doing the best possible job and making sure to never stop improving. Sports and building DIY furnishings make up his hobbies outside of his professional career. Currently, Paul is the operator of the Lethal Rhythms photo booth, and does other creative work behind-the-scenes.


Give us the low down on your academic and professional background.
– I attended Kennesaw State University for a B.S. in Communication with concentration in Journalism and Citizen Media. During my academic career, I excelled in media courses, such as Digital Video and Audio Production. I also have a minor in Film Studies, which I am really passionate about. I was a Director of Photography for a local Atlanta nightlife company, and managed about 5 photographers. I have also had work featured for WSB-TV and Jezebel Magazine.

What is your favorite thing about Lethal Rhythms?
-The people who work at Lethal Rhythms are all genuine. They are constantly wanting to improve, and that is the exact atmosphere I love working in. Things never get stale and new ideas are always welcomed. All the people who work with Lethal Rhythms definitely feel that they found the best.

What made you get into the Wedding industry?
-Weddings are great in general, but the General Manager of Lethal Rhythms, Laura Burchfield, is a close friend of mine, and she asked me about photo booths. From there it was history, and I took over as the operator of all the photo booths up to this point.
Who are some of your favorite bands and musicians?
-There are too many. But I have my idols such as Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson. Currently, Justin Timberlake, Drake, and indie artists are all on my playlists. Ed Sheeran is currently one that I am listening to right now. Overall, I hope to have a well-rounded music ear.
Tell us something goofy or unique about yourself. 
-I am a night owl to the fullest. But I love sleep. Call me at 3am, and most likely I’ll pick up and be ready to talk to you for hours. It probably comes from childhood when I was made to go to bed at 10pm, and now I am living my dream of staying up.
What advice do you have for potential new clients?
-Live in the moment. Most people dream of their weddings from a young age, even guys (I know, I have). So when the day is approaching, take time to look around at all of the people who are helping you achieve your dream and thank them. After, live in the moment and spend it with the one you had dreamt about.







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