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IMG_09152Born in New York, raised in California and now residing in Atlanta, Brandon has been a DJ for over a decade. Growing up on Hip Hop and Jazz records, Brandon was destined to participate in Hip-Hop culture. The DJ aspect is the one that stuck with him the best.

Brandon started out spinning parties at Georgia State, Morehouse, Spellman and Georgia Tech. He rocked parties that were just on the yard, to homecoming parties to club events for these schools. While in college, Brandon also threw parties with several of his friends. From throwing and DJing these parties is where he honed his skills and began spinning on WRAS Album 88.5. Brandon hosted a show on Saturday nights called “Tha Bomb” and a show on Sunday nights called “Rhythm & Vibes”.

While spinning on WRAS the opportunity to be the music program director for the Atlanta Hawks came about. The Hawks were looking for someone to play the music in between stoppages in play and Brandon would be there man for 8 seasons. The relationship with the Hawks led to also taking over music responsibilities for the Atlanta Dream and for 4 seasons. During his run at Phillips Arena working for the various sports teams, Brandon remixed popular songs for the A-Town dancers to shake to. Brandon has also worked with and provided custom music for the Miami Heat as well as the Utah Jazz.

Brandon has spun at various nightclubs and events in the Atlanta area like Opera, Tongue & Groove, KooKoo Room, The Compound, Philips Arena and various other venues. He has provided his DJ and Consulting services to the NCAA, RJ Reynolds, The American Cancer society and the CDC… just to name a few.

What made you get into the music industry?
My love for music made me get into the music industry. I love all different types of music! I grew up on Jazz, Hip-Hop and R&B records. I always respected DJ’s and loved the art form. A friend of mine gave me a really bad pair of turntables to start out on. I had to save up to get a pair of technic 1200’s.

How long have you been working with Lethal Rhythms?
I am brand new to the Lethal Rhythms team. I look forward to bringing my expertise to their brand.

Tell us something goofy or unique about yourself.
I do music consulting for Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Dream. I worked for the Hawks for 8 years as their main music guy. I also spun their private events. I also worked for the Atlanta Dreams for 4 years.

Describe your musical style.
I love all types of music. I like mixing EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40 and anything that makes the crowd move! I love being at a party that fuses all of those different music styles together.

How long have you been mixing?
For 10 years

What is your favorite event you have ever spun for?
I once spun a sold out Hawks game back in 2006. 19,000 plus people. It was my largest crowd yet. The energy was electrifying.

What advice do you have for potential new clients?
Book me! You will not regret it! I love being in front of crowds and can switch up my style at the drop of a hat if need be!


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