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Morgan was born in North Carolina and has since been​ raised and living in the suburbs of Georgia. She loves planning parties, whether it is for a birthday, graduation, wedding​ or even just a gathering,​ she is always the first one working out all of the details​. She has always had a huge passion to bring friends and family together to share laughter and to keep ​everyone involved in each others lives. It is always her mission to see a smile on everyone’s face, which assures her that everyone is having a great time bonding and enjoying each others company.




Her boyfriend works with Lethal Rhythms as a Photo Booth tech and saw how much he loved working for the company. He would always come home to tell stories to her about the staff and weddings he would work. Seeing the joy on his face made Morgan want to pursue her dream of working with happy couples and learning aside the​ Lethal Rhythms team.

Before joining Lethal Rhythms in 2014, Morgan worked as a manager at General Nutrition Center and handled customers, employees, and store standards. Passionate about wedding planning and coordinating Morgan was given the opportunity to work with Lethal Rhythms as an assistant and is excited to be involved and to learn more about the industry.

Give us the low down on your academic and professional background.
​”​I am currently studying Business Administration at Georgia Perimeter College. For most of my professional life I have been involved in retail and customer service​.”​

What is your favorite thing about Lethal Rhythms?
​”​I love how the company gets involved with every aspect of the event they are working. They are so great at​ reassuring​ their clients that they are there to listen to make sure everything is tailored to the clients style, taste and vision.​”

What made you get into the Wedding industry?
​”I love being a part of making sure that everyone is having the best time​ and seeing to lives come together on the most important day of their lives brings so much joy and excitement to me.”​

Who are some of your favorite bands and musicians?
​”​I absolutely love EDM! You can catch me listening to it at all times of the day. It’s never to early to listen EDM!”

Tell us something goofy or unique about yourself.
​”​I love listening to Spanish music but have no clue what they are saying.”​

What advice do you have for potential new clients?
​”Don’t hesitate to tell us exactly what you want. Our goal is to make your day all about you. Your style, your taste and your vision matters to us and we’re hear to listen.”​

















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