Meet Lethal Rhythms Videographer | Stevie Rodriguez

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From cultivating distinctive visuals for Television, Forbes 500 companies, to global musicians; Stevie Rodriguez has proven being humble & hard work will take you to your destination. His passion for film grew in 2008 while studying Visual Communications. He has been recognized for his diverse editing style ever since.

What made you get into the videography industry? 
I have always had a passion for visual arts. I got into videography because I found it was the easiest way for me to tell a story and convey the ideas I have mentally for others to see.
How long have you been working with Lethal Rhythms? 
I have been a videographer for the past 5 years but have been with Lethal Rhythms for about 6 months now.
Tell us something goofy or unique about yourself. 
I can make some of the best mac & cheese ever.
Who are some of your favorite bands and musicians? 
Very open to a lot of music. From classical to Jazz, Rock to House, Hip-hop to Spanish music.
What advice do you have for potential new clients? 
Don’t look into the camera unless a video professional says its ok. Candid shots are always the money shots.





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