Lethal Cast!

Share photos and create unforgettable memories!


LethalCast is a way for all of your guests to share photos at your event. LethalCast creates beautiful live social walls that display your friend’s and family’s photos from Twitter and Instagram just by using your unique event hashtag. Using your event hashtag we collect your wedding photos from Twitter and Instagram into an online gallery for you to share with everyone. A 55″ flat screen will show all of the posts to the screen live at your event for everyone to see.



-What if someone has my same hashtag?

Lethal Rhythms suggests that you use a unique hashtag that is specific to your event. Not sure if it is already taken? All you have to do is search it.

-How long after the event can we add posts to our gallery?

New posts with your unique hashtag will be added to your gallery within 24 hrs of your event.

-Will older posts with my hashtag appear on the screen?

Yes, older posts with your unique hashtag will appear on the screen and in your gallery.

-What if someone posts profanity?

LethalCast’s server does not allow profanity to be posted and will filter these posts out of your gallery and off of the screen.

-What if we don’t like a post?

LethalCast has the ability to accept or decline posts with the click of a button.

-Where can I access my photos after my event?

Lethal Rhythms will send you a unique URL that you can share with your friends and family and onto your social media.

-How long will my gallery be available?

Your gallery will be available for up to 1 year. During that year you can save any and all posts.

View a sample of what your gallery would look like here

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