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Lethal Video is EXCITED to introduce the Lethal Drone!

Imagine getting a birds eye view of your venue location. Nothing makes people go “WOW” quite like drone footage. See for yourself in the Sneak Peak below!

Why Lethal Video?

Energy | Romance | Excitement!

Wedding & Event Videography

Our CEO, seasoned planner, and professional mix DJ Joel Rabe is passionate about two things: the artistry of event planning and professional success. Over the years, Joel noticed that the videographers his clients had hired were missing important shots because they were unaware of the event itinerary, and also that they often used subpar equipment. Joel wanted videography to contribute to the success of his clients’ events, so it was a natural progression for Lethal Rhythms to begin offering video services. Under Joel’s direction, we’ve built a solid team video production and editing experts who excel at capturing the mood and tone of your event, and who never skimp on equipment.

Sneak Peak

Our video team at Lethal Rhythms takes pride in capturing the impulsive, countless memories that occur in the blink of an eye. Lethal Video excels in creating various types of recaps that highlight, capture, and show how amazing your event was!

The Love Story Package

Full day of shooting on wedding day
Getting ready, first look, ceremony, pictures, special dances and reception

Pre wedding shoot to capture your love story
This will be shot at a separate location before your wedding date

Final Edit Complete with Full Wedding and Love Story
Available within 4-5 calendar months

The Full Video Package

Full day of shooting on wedding day
Getting ready, first look, ceremony, pictures, special dances and reception

Final Edit Complete with Full Wedding and Love Story
Available within 4-5 calendar months

Ceremony + Reception

Ceremony and Reception Shoot
Ceremony, pictures, special dances and reception

Final Edit Complete with Full Wedding and Love Story
Available within 4-5 calendar months

It’s All in the Details

We understand the importance of capturing more than just the obvious elements of your event. We take pride in capturing those countless little memories – the blink-of-an-eye details – that really stir your emotions. We want viewers to feel the energy, the romance, the excitement! We want you to relive your magical event, over and over again. As the directors, if we are not shedding a tear, smiling or laughing while watching your video footage, then the project is not complete. Everything has to come together,the music has to match the moment. Having a team that truly understands the most minute nuances of your event is what makes that possible. We are artists, and it shows in our videography work.

“We used Lethal Rhythms for both our DJ and videography service at our wedding. We absolutely couldn’t be happier with our decision in choosing this company. We had Mark as our videographer and he was fantastic as well! He was there for every moment but no too much “in your face/in the way.” He was so professional, laid back, and fun to work with. We got our sneak peek within 3 weeks of our wedding and it’s like a movie trailer..SO incredible! My husband and I highly recommend Lethal Rhythms without any hesitation at all. If you want to hire a company that is professional but laid back, reliable, fun, and easy to work with, choose Lethal Rhythms!”

Elizabeth + Kilian

November 14, 2015, Vinewood Plantation

“We really can’t say enough positive things about Lethal Rhythms. From start to finish they helped us plan a seamless event that our guests are still raving about over a month after the wedding date. We booked about 11 months in advance and were lucky enough to get Joel Rabe who was phenomenal. As the CEO of the company you get the impression he probably doesn’t have to do as many weddings anymore but that he does it because he LOVES it and knows how to put on one hell of a party. During our planning process, we were about 6 weeks out and didn’t have a wedding planner — Joel suggested that Laura Burchfield (wedding planner that works directly with Lethal Rhythms) contact us and that was the best decision we ever made. We hired her on as a day of wedding coordinator and it was just about the best money we spent on the entire wedding. In addition to coordinating our timeline of events, coordinating transportation, and getting things ready for the day, she handled a few items that unexpectedly came up the day of so that we didn’t have to – and that was HUGE. We were highly satisfied with her services as well as the DJ. We did also hire their videographers who were great the day of, however, we are only 5 weeks out so understandably we don’t have the video back yet. We highly, highly recommend Lethal Rhythms!!!”

Megan + Joey
April 11, 2015
The Peachtree Club

“We love our video! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job! We will make sure to be a good reference for you and let people know what an awesome job you did!”

Whitney + Gabe
December 2, 2011
103 West

“Lethal Rhythms earned 5 stars in every category in my book!! Our wedding entertainment went off without a hitch! Joel and Laura took the time to meet with me and match us with a DJ they felt was best for our music taste. Our DJ Chris was so personable and flexible. We gave him a chunk of songs that we wanted, and he ad-libbed the rest. He nailed it! I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. The up-lighting that came complementary with our package was beautiful. Lethal Rhythms also facilitated our photo booth and the pictures were awesome! They even sent a special gift after the wedding that I won’t spoil but helped captured the photos beautifully. I can’t wait to see the wedding video, as I know it will be better than expected based on the services we received! The videographers were really cool and weren’t overly aggressive in trying to capture shots. I would highly recommend Lethal Rhythms!”

Kaley + Patrick
May 23, 2015
Summerour Studio

“Lethal Rhythms was amazing!! They were so easy to work with and they caught all the special moments!!! I would highly recommend them to all my friends!”

Lindsey + Stephen
October 3, 2014
Summerour Studio

“I discovered this vendor by searching wedding websites and reading reviews. After reading so many 5-star reviews, I thought I would give them a try. I spoke with Joel on my initial few encounters and I was hooked by his professionalism and enthusiasm. I was planning my wedding, in Augusta, GA, from another state, and quick correspondence with Laura made it very easy to sort out details.
The videographers at our wedding were extremely professional. They asked pertinent questions in order to unearth what was important to us. During the wedding they were everywhere but inconspicuous.
The finished product was beautifully and tastefully done. They captured so many beautiful moments. There were a few particular details that I realized afterwards that would really make our video perfect, and they edited my requests into the video seamlessly.
This company will really do whatever it takes to capture your perfect day, perfectly! Highly recommended!”

Sara + Tim
June 24, 2014
Augusta Mariott

What Makes Lethal Video a Cut Above the Rest?

Our team will work with you to develop a solid game plan, allow you to be the director and creative visionary. A recent wedding video recap – shot in cinematic style – can be seen here.

Our event videographers excel in creating various types of recap videos that capture the essence of your event, highlighting the moments that made it so amazing. Check out our most recent Atlanta wedding video.

If you’re looking for a professionally produced and edited video that captures the special moments of your event in a stylish and high-energy fashion, then Lethal Rhythms videography services are perfect for you! Learn more about our wedding and event videography packages here.

Lethal Video’s philosophy is to personalize your video based on your unique style, taste and vision. Our team promises to understand your vision, identify the important people to capture, and make your special memories last a lifetime.

Caryn + Nestor

Piedmont Room | Park Tavern

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