Tell-All Thursday: Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends of 2010

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Looking to make a statement with your wedding dress?  Consider a bold one-shoulder style, peekaboo holes on the bodice, or black and white ruffles throughout like these designs.
Courtesy of The Knot

Looking for something less fearless and more feminine?   Why don’t you consider dresses with bows, flowers, or an illusion neckline like these designs below?

Courtesy of The Knot

Personally, I am crazy about any of these gowns (not that I’m planning on marrying again so what does it matter?!) but I like bits and pieces of some of the dresses.  I decided to contact my extremely talented and very close friend, Holly Curran, to design the perfect dress (just for fun, of course!) incorporating some of these trends into one design.  Here is the fabulous result:

Holly was able to combine the following designs to create this sketch:  sheer illusion neckline, bits of black, metallic beading, flower beading/garden glamour, bow, pleading on the sash, raw edge hemline and a little 50s flair with the trumpet silhouette.  Check out the 10 individual styles here! 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you started a trend, bought the finest runway gown of the year, or got the dress you fell in love with regardless of its popularity!  Because what matters more than what you wear that day, is how you two feel about each other!  And although there is no recipe for Happily Ever After, there are three very important ingredients:  love, loyalty and happiness!  And incorporating those three elements into your life would be one of the greatest and timeless trends you will ever share!

Posted by Kristy Daube of Lethal Rhythms

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