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Atlanta Wedding DJs Lethal Team

Joel Rabe | CEO

Creative Director | Lead DJ | Video Mix DJ | Atlanta Wedding DJ |Corporate DJs 

International DJ. Professional In The Mix DJ & Video DJ. Professional MC. Joel Rabe specializes in live mash-ups, intricate mixing, and packed dance floors. His goal is to make YOU the star of your party. Joel has “wowed” countless audiences with his unique style. He vowed to create a team of highly-skilled wedding professional DJs and MCs in the Atlanta area that reflected their clients’ individuality. He has kept his vow, building a team of the most talented DJ’s in the South. Today, Joel performs not only in the Atlanta market but also travels frequently for his Clients and has performed at various locations around the world including:

Munich, Germany – Budapest, Hungary, (Coming in April 2020)!
Compeche Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,
Cancun, Mexico
The Dominican Republic

Many Industry professionals seek Joel’s services for their clients, as well as for their own private events. He has done the weddings and corporate events for some of the biggest names in the industry. His unique approach on how to create energy for events is well known and respected. Joel brings the latest technology to each of his shows and always offers cutting-edge techniques, including integrating video mixes, recording live audio mixes, creating wireless sound setups and posting video footage of events for his clients to enjoy. In fact, Carly Rooney, CEO of The Knot, recently called Joel “a trendsetter” in the wedding industry.

Rick Vazquez
Lead Logistics Manager

Rick Vazquez brings over 7 years of Project Management Experience to the table. With a background in Logistics and demonstrated success in program management. Rick works as a liaison with our clients to ensure that our team delivers an exceptional experience tailored for every event. Our Clients can rest assured knowing that their unique needs will be met seamlessly, with outmost professionalism, and that they can rely on our team to provide the highest level of entertainment at their big event!

Meghan Shanley
Client Liaison

Meghan Shanley brings her passion and her experience to help create the perfect event for you!

Natalie Rojas
Client Liaison

Natalie Rojas brings a fun, happy energy that is addictive!  She loves helping our Clients!

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