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Tuesday, August 5, 2008 

Music is my drug, and I am addicted to it – kinda like some people are addicted to Starbucks.. So – here is my Starbucks experience from today….

Today, after a whirlwind of bridal activity, I had an evening meeting at Starbucks, which I like to refer to as the “Business Office 2.0”

I met with Carissa and her fiancee.. a great couple who plan on having their event at The Pavillion of East Cobb… a great location with a HUGE dance floor and a very professional yet classy set up… check them out at … so Carissa, the bride, was ablsolutely exstatic about her wedding and you could just feel the excitement – it was infectious…and the groom…i thought he might be in sales or something similar…because of his outgoing personality, his personal style (tie with dress shirt, but tie not pulled exactly even, his hair style, etc … why am i writing all of this? because he was a “controller”… not in the bad sense…but the job sense..a financial controller… did not see that coming…but i knew between the two of them, he with his great attitude and very entertaining sense of humor and her with her infectious happy attitude, that this event would be a smashing success…

So why blog about this couple BEFORE the big day? because of a funny story… we were sitting at Starbucks chatting and the groom pointed out another bridal couple chatting with a photographer sitting next to us… he thought it was funny and called Starbucks “The Brides Haven”… there is something to that for sure… as a vendor we try to locate an area to meet that is convenient – for both parties… and of course Starbucks are everywhere!

so back to the story… after thanking Carissa and her beau for their time, i decide to get a White chocolate mocha… my fave!

I digress! So after chatting with the Starbucks crew for a moment, the photographer (whom the groom had pointed out…) said “Hey how are you?” I know what that meant, somewhere in the past, we had worked together…He had a familiar face… and guess what… he pulls out a demo album shot in mid 2006 and shows me a few images from a wedding we worked… and there is a picture of me working the crowd… and he said to his bridal clients… this was a great event.. it was really fun….and they just smiled at me…wow… ok, i have had some pretty interesting … aka … neat… things happen…but that was one of those moments… where you just feel good about what you are doing… i had to ask for his card and told him to contact me… when he does i will post those photos and his link here…

so to wrap up … the Starbucks girls – they said.. “we listened to you during your meeting and it sounds like you really know what you are doing”… ends up two of the three girls knew someone getting married looking for a great DJ… and they wanted to pass my info along…what a great day!

Posted by Joel Of Lethal Rhythms at 12:04 AM

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