Mr. and Mrs. David Stange's wedding on 2/26/11 at The Fox Theatre

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Lethal Rhythms would like to say thank you to our newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. David Stange! It was such an honor for Lethal Rhythms DJ Mike Beaver and Event Coordinators, Kra Riddell and myself, Deziree Valdez to be a part of their wedding day on February 26, 2011 at the The Fox Theatre, Atlanta. This very unique and outgoing couple wanted to bring more to their wedding day than just the traditional expectations. Choosing the Fox Theatre as their venue was key to creating a different atmosphere. The majority of their guests were from out of town, so choosing one of Atlanta’s most historic and theatrical settings was perfect for both their personalities! As the day came together, both Jenna and David grew with excitement. Little did they know that their guests arrived to one of the most beautiful ceremonies displayed at The Fox. Saturday, the 26th, was finally her moment to shine and their moment to join hands in marriage.

Jenna Kay and her brides maids on 2/26/11 at the Fox Theatre- Lethal Rhythms

Everyone turned with excitement as Jenna walked through the terrace doors through an amber essence to her soon to be husband, David Stange. Her dressed glistened and her smiling face said it all as she made her way down the isle. She then joined hands with David and the atmosphere grew with anticipation. After saying their vows, Jenna and David participated in the Sand Ceremony. This is a special ceremony where 3 sands, representing the Holy Spirit, Jenna, and David are poured into a vase as one. This was my first time viewing this type of ceremony and I can honestly say it was beautifully done and portrayed them uniting as one. As David kissed his bride Jenna, they walked down the isle to escape momentarily for a romantic getaway at the top of the Egyptian Ballroom.

Jenna Kay and her brides maids- Lethal Rhythms- The Fox Theatre

The Egyptian ballroom was decorated in extravagant detail. From the rich purple table and vibrant gold table settings, to the beautiful array of flowers displayed throughout the room, guests were greeted with an open bar of delicious cocktails and yummy hors d’oeuvres by Affairs to Remember! Jazzy, light beat music created an elegant mood as all the guests who were also ballroom dancers headed to the dance floor awaiting the introduction of Mr. and Mrs. David Stange. First, Lethal Rhythms DJ Mike Beaver got the crowd pumped and ready to cheer for the bridal party and newlyweds as they entered a room for the first time as husband and wife. Finally, guests cheered Jenna and David on as they moved to the dance floor for their first dance to Michel Buble- Hold On. This was by far one of the many perfect moments for Jenna and David.

David and his bride Jenna during their first dance to Michael Buble- Hold on

After their introduction, guests were seated for one of the most delicious meals provided by Affairs to Remember! First, light and tasty salads filled with greens, French bread, cheeses and grapefruit were delivered to the tables. Then the second course consisted of decadent potatoes topped with a juicy filet mignon and a delicate piece of mahi mahi. As dinner began to settle down, toasts and speeches were given by: Mr. Kay- father of Jenna, Kristen Golden- Maid of Honor, and Kenneth Stange- Best Man, who all added to the sentimental atmosphere as they passed their loving words to both Jenna and David.

After toasts were given, Jenna and David prepared for their first job as husband and wife, or better known as the cake cutting. A cupcake tower filled with a variety of delicious flavors and rich colors, provided by The Little Cake Bakery, stood before them as they cut into the largest cupcake that was placed on top. As they fed each other a piece of cupcake, they moved to the groom’s cake, which was a creamy oreo cheesecake. I couldn’t have chosen two cakes that fit their personalities, better! They truly had the best of both worlds.

Jenna Kay- Lethal Rhythms- The Fox Theatre

Now it was time for the best part, the dancing. David and his mother, Mrs. Stange, danced to Rascal Flatts, My Wish, for their mother/son dance. As they ended, Jenna and Mr. Kay headed to the dance floor for their father/daughter dance, which was done beautifully to Steven Curtis Chapman, Cinderella.  As Mr. Kay twirled Jenna, in her beautiful gown, the lasting moment ended and Mrs. Kay joined the dance floor to have a dance with her husband, Mr. Kay as hosts of the reception. This was just the start of another memorable moment.

As DJ Mike Beaver began to play a slow, boring song, Mrs. Kay stopped him in shock, but the smirk on her face hand more to tell! Guests were then shocked when Jenna, David, and their family and friends headed to the dance floor for a Flash Mob Dance!!! They performed this spectacular dance with perfection to Taio Cruz- Dynamite which was coordinated by Mrs. Kay herself along with the Arthur Murray Studio! I couldn’t think of a better way to get guests pumped to dance all night! Guests then rushed to the floor to finish the night off with dancing and celebrating the unity of Jenna and David. As the night came to an end, their family and friends, blowing bubbles, surrounded Jenna and David as they made their grand exit out of The Fox Theatre’s red carpet in the arcade.

If you did not have the pleasure of attending the Stange’s fairytale wedding, I hope I was able to give you a vivid recap of how perfect and romantic their special day was. Not only did I hear some of the best toasts, but every moment I shared with this wonderful couple and their loving guests truly displayed the passion between their unity. This was truly a magical night that will be remembered dearly by family and friends alike.

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In addition to Mr. and Mrs. David Stange, Lethal Rhythms would like to thank David Jesik, ceremony pianist and friend, David Hill, Officiate, DJ Mike Beaver for creating a one of a kind atmosphere that kept everyone dancing all night, Affairs to Remember for a vibrant decor and enticing dinner, Jon Acosta with Lethal Video for capturing and producing a memorable recap of the Flash Mob Dance, Carither’s Flowers for beautiful arrangements of rich, colorful flowers, The Little Cake Bakery for the delicious desserts and perfect cake display, Gabriel’s Desserts for the amazing groom’s cake, KJ Digital for capturing every memorable moment throughout the night and Lethal Rhythms day of coordinators for ensuring a flawless evening!

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( More pictures from KJ Digital will be available soon!)

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