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Lethal Rhythms has been serving clients in the Southeast since 2003. Our highly qualified staff will use their experience to help you create an event that is fully customized to your Style, Taste & Vision. Personalization is the key to success and we are very skilled in this art. Lethal Rhythms is well known for their ability to create a high energy party for any type of event. Now, we are the hottest up-and-coming entrant into the Mitzvah market! All of our Lethal Rhythms Atlanta DJs are well versed and trained in the art of entertaining. As Professional Mix DJs, creating Energy and Excitement through music comes naturally to us! Tap into the experience and creativity of the Lethal Rhythms team. We offer professionally trained Video DJs, Mix DJs, MC’s, Dancers, Cocktail Hour Entertainment options and Video Capture. For a video walkthrough by Lethal Rhythms CEO Joel Rabe about our company brand and process, please visit the Lethal Rhythms “About Us” Pinterest board (videos about Lethal Rhythms philosophies).

The combination of a skilled DJ/MC and a cinematic video team that can capture the energy is unbeatable! Lethal Rhythms DJs are well known and respected for their talent. Imagine having a video team that works side by side the best DJs in the southeast! If you are looking for videographers who can be discreet and behind the scenes while filming your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and can also put together a cinematic experience, then the Lethal Rhythms Video team are just the people you are looking for! Read more about Lethal Rhythms Videography. We have also compiled a Lethal Rhythms “Mitzvah Portfolio” Pinterest board of our favorite celebrations that showcase our collaborative DJ and Video team!

Dancers can be the added touch to an event! Lethal Rhythms Entertainment has a team of dancers that we will customize to your event. This information will allow us to provide dancers that are the perfect match for your event! Lethal Rhythms Entertainment professional dancers are more than just that, they are crowd motivators that can interact with guests to create an up-beat, high-energy, successful event! Check out Atlanta Mitzvah Dance Team!

We have spun and shot grand Mitzvahs throughout Atlanta at venues ranging from The Georgia Aquarium to The High Museum of Art and everything in between! For testimonials from our amazing past clients, visit our Lethal Rhythms “Testimonials” Pinterest video board. We would love to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can bring your exciting event to life!


For more updates and information, we invite you to visit the Lethal Blog.

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