Atlanta Merger

Lethal Rhythms Merger

Avalanche Entertainment and Lethal Rhythms Entertainment are proud to announce their merger that took place on October 1st 2011. This entertainment industry phenomenon will enhance Atlanta, Georgia’s perception of their entertainment quality of unparalleled services.

Each company offers a variety of services, such as: professional mix DJ/MC’s, casino style events, outdoor movies, karaoke, videography, lighting, and unique client-based needs for corporate and social events. Lethal Rhythms Entertainment CEO, Joel Rabe said, “Avalanche established themselves in the corporate market with the casino concept and other offerings. We have always stayed focused on the wedding market and it is a great opportunity to work with a reputable, award winning company in another market.”

Their merger will allow both companies to keep their name. Lethal Rhythms Entertainment will manage the professional mix DJ/MC’s, videography, lighting, and unique client-based needs portion. Avalanche Entertainment will manage the casino concept, outdoor movies, and karaoke.

Both companies will reside in Roswell, GA and unite as a team to provide every new and existing client with superior service and knowledge of the market. Avalanche Entertainment CEO, Kirkley Hennessy said, “between the abilities of both companies, concepts of professionalism, sharing resources, my experience at a full-time entertainment level, and Joel Rabe’s strategies, we will create a profitable powerhouse that will provide clientele with more of a memorable experience rather than just a service.”

The combination of companies was not just the sharing of services based on a client’s, style, taste, and vision; it was the unity of staff members that make each company a company. Lethal Rhythms CEO, Joel Rabe said, “Kirkley Hennessy is a great, reputable, big-hearted person, when I met with his team I was impressed with their passion and efficiency that takes a company from great to grand.” Kirkley Hennessy, Avalanche Entertainment, CEO, said, “the Lethal Rhythms team is a team that wears many hats and truly understands the meaning of “you grow with a company and you fail with a company,” a genuine team concept that will take us to the next level.”

Lethal Rhythms Entertainment’s “Your Style | Your Taste | Your Vision™” and Avalanche Entertainment’s “Atlanta’s Entertainment Leaders™” have actually taken the personalization, high-quality of service, and flexibility of a small business concept and increased their ability to provide a variety of services within one large company.

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