Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah

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Where were you this past Saturday night? Lethal Rhythms brought in Graceology, Tasty Pastry, and Lethal Flip powered by Flippity DooDa to attend the trendiest Mitzvah party at Maggiano’s in Buckhead. Matthew is truly the one and only rockstar that made this party so famous!

Matthew's Mitzvah- Lethal Rhythms- Graceology

It started out with the most fantastic décor for any themed party! Themed as a Hollywood party with black, rich, and purple ascents, black furniture, and custom fiber optic lighting to really make it pop. He even went as far as to add custom centerpieces throughout his event. In addition to his creation, he brought the top-notch vendors to add the finishing touches.

Lethal Rhythms brought the latest beats to life and really conquered the energy required to keep this pop star rocking all night! DJ Joel and MC Komodo partied with Matthew and his paparazzi for 4 hours non-stop. As Graceology states, “There is not a DJ / Entertainment company in Atlanta that can rock a Bar Mitzvah like Lethal Rhythms can.” Lethal Rhythms definitely brought the entertainment that everyone will be talking about!

MC Komodo and Lethal Rhythms at Matthew's Mitzvah- Graceology

Lethal Rhythms chose the one and only Graceology to help capture the highlights of this savvy event! They did an amazing job documenting every memorable moment possible. All the photos posted were the creation of Graceology as they took snap shots of Matthew and his entourage in action all night long. They say every picture tells a story, we say you can’t possibly have that option without Graceology! Great job guys! You’re shots create one of a kind memories that will last a life time.

Graceology and Lethal Rhythms at Matthew's Mitzvah

Matthew didn’t just stop there. He chose Lethal Rhythms to provide them with Lethal Flip powered by Flippity DooDa! Creating your own custom flip book has never been easier and more fun! Lethal Flip did an amazing job with getting everyone involved and utilizing a fun variety of props! Having flip books at this event brought out the quirky, famous sides of everyone to take home and laugh about for days to come.


Just when you think you had it all with the hottest entertainment company in Atlanta, an amazing photographer, and creative Flip Books, Lethal Rhythms candy bar powered by Tasty Pastry steps into top it off!  Matthew had custom candy bags and the most delicious desserts in town at his popping Mitzvah. Everyone got to take home the richest and most decadent treats to share with friends and family all night! Kudos to Tasty Pastry for adding the “icing on the cake” with their yummy, mouth-watering candy bar.

Tasty Pastry Candy Bar at Matthew's Mitzvah

Lethal Rhythms would like to say congratulations to Matthew on hosting one of the hottest parties in Atlanta! We were ecstatic to customize the latest beats and package the hottest party trends for your party! Thank you for inviting Lethal Rhythms to an unforgettable night and we look forward to seeing you and your guests at the next big event!

Matthew Mitzvah- Lethal Rhythms-Graceology

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