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Check out were the Lethal Team went this past weekend.

Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms













Look how elegant that room is from Capital City Club. DJ Joel went to celebrate with Andrea and Erik Cioffi. Check out everyone raising the roof on the dance floor!






Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms







DJ Kyle went to Ventanas to party on with Cassandra and Chad Varnas. Look at that handsome group of people on the dance floor.


Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms





DJ Fernando  was able to capture the night before the crowd came in to get down on the floor at The Georgian Terrace for Katie and Lane Crouse’s big day. He even got a photo of their delicious cake!


Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms


Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms






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Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms
















Atlanta DJs Lethal Rhythms & Video

A little more about Lethal Rhythms…

Lethal Rhythms has been serving clients in the SouthEast since 2003.  Many of the Top facilities in Atlanta recommend the specialized services of our Award Winning Team from Lethal Rhythms to their clients.  Lethal Rhythms is proud to be members of The Georgia Bridal Association (since 2008)

If you are looking for someone who can interact with your guests, keep things moving while maintaining a classy, fun and professional atmosphere, and knows how to pack a dance floor without playing the “dreaded” wedding songs like YMCA, Chicken Dance, etc. look no further then Lethal Rhythms Entertainment!  (Listen to our Atlanta DJs Live Mixes)

Our highly qualified staff will use their experience to help you create an event that is fully customized to your Style, Taste & Vision. Personalization is the key to success and we are very skilled in this art.  We specialize in Professional Mix DJ/MC’sVideography, and Lighting.

Customizing your event and making it unique to your taste is of the utmost importance to Lethal Rhythms Entertainment. Keeping your music style, personality and vision in mind, Lethal Rhythms Entertainmentwill be sure to make your night a complete success and something you will remember forever! CEO and founder of Lethal Rhythms Entertainment, Joel Rabe and/or his team will consult with you and personally design an event that matches Your Style | Your Taste | Your Vision.

Contact us to see how we can make your event come to life.






















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