Lethal Rhythms Goes Auctioning For CURE Childhood Cancer

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Lethal Rhythms had a blast sponsoring the 2014 Chinese Auction for CURE Childhood Cancer.

Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms
Rick Church from HSMAI-GA
Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms
Joel Rabe and Laura Burchfield from Lethal Rhythms.







The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International Georgia Chapter (HSMAI-GA) hosted this event. Guests were invited to participate in a silent auction during the reception and a Chinese Auction during dinner. As part of the Chinese Auction, each attendee received a list of auction items and a numbered paddle. Quarters can be purchased by each attendee to bid on items.

Each auction item will be in a bidding category that will range from $.50 to $1.50. The auctioneer will ask each attendee to place their quarters in the bucket, located in the middle of each table, if they would like to bid on the item. If the attendee bids on the item, they hold their numbered paddle in the air. The auctioneer will begin at random calling out the numbers of the people who bid. 

Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms




Meanwhile, there is someone on the stage in charge of ringing the bell and is unaware of what numbers are being called. The gong is rung at random and the last number called by the auctioneer wins the item. This continues until all the prizes are won.


Atlanta DJ, Lethal RhythmsAtlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms 1538678_10152742785084320_9071920602875569501_n 1975000_10152742774969320_8253921353537397977_n 10413317_10152742780114320_7240704025122041703_n 10653788_10152742777279320_5766641226729728923_n 227425_10152742772929320_6827552957050958538_n 10301367_10152742772789320_5940036590852796805_n 10580024_10152742772669320_9083363634681260143_n 10686914_10152742772464320_7568670509451010572_n 10372799_10152742777364320_8828837309867509698_n 10462551_10152742772724320_8124786154383307772_n 10644836_10152742771764320_8320170762731153334_n

Atlanta DJ, Lethal Rhythms




Atlanta DJs Lethal Rhythms & Video

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