Asha Nathan has been dancing since age 6.

Asha Nathan has been dancing since age 6.


Lethal Rhythms Entertainment is proud to spotlight Asha Nathan, our Dance Team Coordinator. Asha Nathan is from Sanford, Florida, near Orlando. She graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa with a BA in communication and pursued a minor in Dance. During her time in Tampa, Asha held the position of a freelance dancer, choreographer, and instructor choreographing for different events, workshops, cheerleading squads, and college and high school dance teams around Tampa and Orlando. She also taught at Jansen Dance Project as the Hip Hop teacher for three years teaching beginner to advanced level Hip Hop students aged 8-18+.

Continuing her growth, Asha became a part of Enigma Dance Krew, who were contestants on America’s Best Dance Crew. The group performed at various corporate events, benefits, dance company shows, and many other great opportunities that were presented. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is a proud member of Team iluminate, who were finalists of America’s Got Talent in 2011. The group currently travels across the state and globe to perform at various corporate events and shows. Last year, Asha was certified as a Zumba instructor and now teached Hip Hop and Zumba at Moves2Inspire. She is also a local freelance dancer, choreographer and instructor here in Atlanta, GA. Continuing her passion, she is grateful to represent Lethal Rhythms as the Dance Team Coordinator.

Our Social Media Manager, Marisa Negri, caught up with Asha and had all of your burning questions answered! See what she had to say below.


Give us the low down on your dance-related academic and professional background.

— I am currently a Professional Performing Arts Dancer. The company I dance for is iLuminate from America’s Got Talent 2011. We performed at Six Flags Over Georgia summer of 2012 and 2013 and currently traveling to many different countries and states across the nation.  I have been dancing for over 12 years now and throughout my journey I have been able to learn so many different styles of dance.  I have strived to make myself as versatile as possible by gaining knowledge on all types of styles of dance throughout my life.  I also pursued a minor in dance while attending college, participating in rigorous dance courses that challenged you to the beyond your ability.


When did you first learn to dance?

— I feel Iike I always knew how to dance.  My mom told me one time when I was riding in the car with her that she saw me moving around weird and doing something with my hands, so she asked me, “Asha what are you doing?” and I answered, “I’m moving like the flag.” LOL. I was very young at that time, I would say around 6 or 7 and ever since then I have been dancing.


What inspired you to get into the music industry?

— My whole family is musically inclined so I have always loved music and the entertainment industry.  But I would definitely give credit to my college dance friends that led the way in opening my passion  and talents to the music and dance industry.


Who are some of your favorite music numbers/mixes to dance to?

I love daft punk, any Dubstep music (Griz, Skrillex, deadmau5, etc.) Pop music…I love all music in general!


What is your favorite thing about Lethal Rhythms?

— I love lethal rhythms because they provide not just one thing but a whole package to their clients.  They want to be that one-stop shop for their clients and provide the best service.  That’s what I’m about.


What is the most memorable event you have danced with Lethal Rhythms Entertainment Group for? 

— The most memorable has to be when we did a mitzvah for Codie.  There were over 200 kids to entertain – it was a blast and chaotic, but we were able to keep them dancing, having fun, and entertained.


Do you have a choreographer you work with or do you style your own moves?

— I do not have a choreographer.  The other Lethal dancers and I choregraph together as a team.  Two or more brains are better than one.  We are able to get insight and other dance style ideas that we can incorporate together to make a nice sweet routine.


Tell us something goofy or unique about yourself.

— I’m always the energetic individual.  I’m a big supporter and Hype Man.  So basically Im always loud LOL. 😉


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

— In 5 years I see myself doing a lot of different things but I will let God determine that. 🙂


What advice do you have for potential new clients?

— I would definitely hire Lethal Rhythms to plan and DJ at your parties.  They are known for giving the most invigorating experiences at a party.  You add dancers to that and you get the best entertainment and party you have ever experienced.


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