Tuesday, January 27, 2009 

Tony Brewer specialist Christopher Macksey called on us to help him create a club / lounge feel for a client’s 40th Birthday. Can’t wait to post the photos of the set up. A private clubhouse in Convington was converted to a private lounge, complete with VIP tent.
We created a surround sound with multiple speakers set up around the tent. We created special mixes and samples to prepare for the party… and what a Party it was!
Check out the Birthday Intro Mix here. (A remix of 50 cent “in da club” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”… Wild at Heart” ladies Kelly, Amanda and Amy take a shot on our DJ set up. They could not resist the mixes!
Pictured to the Left: The Birthday Crew with Bill and Leigh. You can bet they had a blast… Bill insisted on driving back to his home (yes, it was in the subdivision) to get us a worthwhile tip… LOL. We mixed a lot of 80’s music, rock and roll, top 40 and fun clean Hip Hop… check out a sample here. Email us for more demo materials. We will post the testimonial as soon as we receive it! =)
Posted by Joel Of Lethal Rhythms at 11:41 PM