Atlanta Weddings Special Songs Remixed!


Personalization is the key to success when it comes to connecting with your wedding guests!  More and More clients are taking advantage of our mixing abilities and asking us to CREATE remixes of their first dance songs.  This is more oriented towards the bride who wants to do some kind of FUN first dance. Something that starts our slow, like a Norah Jones or similar style song, then suddenly breaks into a party mix.

If you are familiar with the “Evolution of Dance” YouTube sensation that has been seen by over 100 Million viewers, you know what we are talking about.  We can help you create a fun dance mix or dance medley for your first dance, or Father Daughter / Mother Son Dances.

The Best Father/Daughter Dance I saw was when the dad started breaking it down with the Bride!

Imagine the reaction!  People LOVED it!

We want your wedding day to be Memorable, Unique & Fun!  This is a great way to add to that!  Contact Us for more information!


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