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Our CEO, Seasoned Planner and Professional Mix DJ Joel Rabe, is well known for both his passion for success and artistic ability with events. While performing for various clients he saw the video teams that they had hired were missing important shots, always NOT knowing when things were supposed to happen and usually showing up with subpar equipment. Joel wanted to capture the high moments of the event.  He wanted the video to be a part of the success of his clients’ events.   It was a natural progression for Lethal Rhythms to offer video services.  We have put together a solid video team under Joel’s direction understand your passion for your video, who will not skimp on equipment needs and who excel at capturing the “feel” of your vision.

As Artists, we understand that there are known important memories to capture, but we take pride on capturing the impulsive, countless memories that occur in the blink of an eye. Our goal is to stir your emotions:  We want the viewer of our films to feel the moments of energy, the romance, the excitement!  A chance for you to truly relive your own event.  As the directors, if we are not shedding a tear, or smiling or even laughing when watching your video work, then the project is not complete.  Everything has to come together.  Having a team that truly understands your event is what makes that happen.   The music has to match the moment.  We are Artists, and it will shine through in your moments captured!

Our team will sit down with you and put together a solid game plan that will allow you to take the role of the Director, or as the creative visionary.  A recent Wedding video recap from GreyStone shot in cinematic style can be seen here.

Lethal Video excels in creating various types of recaps that capture, highlight, and show how amazing your event was! Check out our most recent Atlanta Wedding Video!

If you are looking for a Professional Wedding Video which captures each special moment to cherish for a lifetime, and you also want to capture the high energy recap in a more stylish fashion, we are here to help!  Check out our Wedding Video Package Description Page

Lethal Video’s concept grew from our professional mix DJ/MC concept of personalization by Your Style | Your Taste | Your Vision. Lethal Video representatives will meet with you to understand your vision of the video, identify important people to capture, and make your special memories everlasting.

Wedding Video Package Descriptions can be found here.

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You can view some recent corporate video events by visiting our Vimeo page.  Our latest Video for Grey Goose “Toys for Tots” Campaign can be seen here