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“Lethal Rhythms was an incredible, professional DJ service. Everyone was friendly, quick to respond, and truly worked diligently to provide the best music for my wedding reception. I wanted my wedding reception to be a party and DJ Fernando Silva made that happen! No one got off the dance floor from the time it opened up until we left! They are the best!”
DJ Joel Rabe is a fantastic DJ who really gets the party going! He has a good feel for the crowd and you can trust him to play the right music at the right times. He also let me behind the DJ booth to mix up a few tracks, which was my dream! Fun, energetic DJ who will make your special night one to remember!”
“I LOVED “DJ Joel Rabe . I remember the day we met him. My, at the time, fiancé and I had three appointments that day to meet with Dj’s for the big day. Joel we met first. He was very laid back and easygoing. We basically sat on a couch talked to this guy as if we’ve known him forever. The next DJ we went to see had us sit at a huge conference table and did a presentation while jumping around acting excited… I guess that’s how people perceive DJ’s. After seeing the difference between the two we had already made our decision to go with Lethal Rhythms so we canceled the third appointment. Leading up to the wedding Joel was sometimes hard to get a hold of. That is okay though. You have a whole online thing where you choose your song list. When it came close to the wedding Joel was easier to get a hold of. I did not pick very many songs for the playlist but he knew I wanted a BIG all out party. And he more than delivered. He had EVERYBODY dancing, my Colombian family, the grandparents, parents, kids, and my age group. It was incredible. I have never ever had that much fun in my life. Joel was so talented at mixing songs and beats. I’ve honestly never heard anything quite like it. I would 100% recommend Joel with Lethal Rhythms for your wedding DJ. He is amazing and make your vision come to life.”
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