Lethal Rhythms, Inc.
3803 Chattahoochee Summit Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (770) 910-2063

We Have The Expertise You Are Looking For

Joel Rabe founded Lethal Rhythms in 2005 to bring an uptempo, professional vibe to the Atlanta scene.  As a skilled and uniquely talented DJ and MC he brings strong creativity to the world of DJ music and events.

He has been featured on “Good Day Atlanta” numerous times, and performs locally, nationally and internationally to wow both bridal and corporate clients. He has performed for Celebrities, Sports Figures and Music Legends.  While he can create, produce mix and mash up Top 40, Classic Dance, EDM or Hip Hop, etc.,He also performs for many multi-cultural and international clients mixing Arabic, Latin, Punjabi, Greek on a regular basis!  He has been awarded numerous “Exclusive” awards and is in high demand!  

If you are looking for the BEST, Joel has put together a solid team of music professionals with unmatched talent and experience!  They will make your event AMAZING!