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Unlike anyone else, Lethal Rhythms is dedicated to our clients personal Style, Taste, and Vision. The creation of their unique concept truly creates enchanting moments. In order to provide the best, personal service required, Lethal Rhythms takes pride in getting to know each client individually and how they met their soul mate.  After booking one of our Professional DJ’s, Lethal Rhythms sends each client a Personality Profile for the future bride and groom to complete. This is a great way for Lethal Rhythms to learn their story! Mindy Prince and David Soria booked Lethal Rhythms DJ Joel Rabe, Lethal Video, and our customized CD favors for their wedding on April 2, 2011 at The Mansion on Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA. Here’s how their romantic fairytale began.

Mindy and Dave- Lethal Rhythms

Lethal Rhythms wanted to know the following about Mindy and Dave:

How did you enter into each other’s lives?

May 8th, 2005 Dave and I met at a bar called Brother Jimmy’s on the Upper East Side while we were both living in NYC.

For the bride: What was it, that demonstrated that this person was someone unique and

someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with?

I loved how he treated his sisters and mothers.  I knew he was very genuine and has been nothing but caring and selfless to me.

Please explain the scenario around the engagement.

The first week of October 2009, Dave told me I had to go to a business meeting with him and a client on that Friday which is not unusual.  He had chosen a restaurant at the beach call 11 South which is a VERY nice restaurant and one of our favorites.  Friday rolled along and I came home from work and took a nap.  I had to get up and iron my clothes for the evening.  While I was ironing in my sweats and looking somewhat unattractive, Dave was talking to me.  As he was talking he mentioned that he called my father.  Instantly, I got nervous and I turn around to put up the iron and I was like “For what????” and he said “For permission”……..and even more nervous I was like “Permission for what” and I turned around he was on one knee and said to “Marry Me”.  My instant reaction was to grab the ring out of the box and put it on my finger and then I said “Yes”.  Needless to say, there was no business dinner, but we still went out to dinner at 11 South and had a fabulous engagement dinner.

Why did you choose your facility?

We chose Savannah because we do have any family locally and it’s an easy not to mention beautiful location for all our guests.  It has so much to offer.  We chose the Mansion on Forsyth Park because I fell in love with it’s amazing art and eclectic furniture and chandeliers.

Mansion on Forsyth Park

Is there any personal significance to your bridal cake? And will there be a grooms cake? If so, what is the design of the cake going to be and why was that design chosen?

I wanted a piece of art incorporated on the cake. There is a grooms cake but it will be displayed during the Rehearsal Cocktail Hour.  It is the NY Yankees “NY” emblem.  Dave loves his Yankees.

What are your favorite Artists?

Mario Testino (photographer), Annie Leibovitz (photographer), Van Gogh, Matisse, Mark Rothko, and I adore Andy Warhol.

Why did you choose Lethal Rhythms?

After long research on the internet, we found that Lethal Rhythms was the most compatible to our style.  I didn’t want an “ordinary” DJ.  Music is an EXTREMELY important part of my life and it was important for me to work with someone who “gets it”.

Lethal Rhythms Logo

Thank you Mindy and David for allowing us to share how your never-ending romance began! We are thrilled that you have selected Lethal Rhythms as the entertainment for your wedding day. We are here to support you and help make your special day as captivating and memorable as possible. We enjoyed sharing your story and we hope it is as inspiring to our readers as it has been for our team.

To share your inspiring love story with our readers, book Lethal Rhythms for your next event and submit your Personality Profile! We offer a variety of services that cater to your personal Style, Taste, and Vision. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on our services, as it is our dedication to help support you in every way possible!

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