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Lethal Rhythms LED SMART Dance Floors

The LED Motion Graphic “Smart Floor” is here! John and Kate recently had their wedding at Summerour Studios in Atlanta GA! They booked Lethal Rhythms for the DJ, Photobooth and LED Dance Floor – and wow! What a Party! Check out the action in this clip!

The LED Motion Graphic “Smart Floor” is here! This was our new feature for the 2019 Allie Awards!
Each time Lethal Rhythms performs for the Allie Awards in Atlanta they bring out new technology to blow peoples minds – and believe me, The Allie Awards After Party of 2019 did not disappoint! Lethal Rhythms unveiled their Brand New LED Intelligent Motion Graphic Dance Floor! Joel Rabe and his team choreographed an amazing opening with dancers, intelligent lighting, professional custom remixes of popular songs incorporating live band elements ((singers, guitarists and saxophones)) to create an incredible party experience! Check out the video to see for yourselves! 🙂

Ansley Golf Club Members Event featuring Band X and the Lethal Rhythms Customized LED “Smart” Dance Floor! Fully programmable with motion, still shots, logos and graphics! This floor is the hottest thing in the market right now! (patent pending)

We designed this floor to be an upgraded advanced version of a traditional “LED” Floor. Here we can feature amazing colors, patterns, designs, logos and more. This is an intelligent dance floor, not a passive “starlight” floor. Everything you could really ever want or have in a smart dance floor!(patent pending)

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Lethal Rhythms introduces our NEW professional LED HI-RES Motion Graphic and Starlight Dance Floors. Perfect for Weddings, Mitzvahs, and Corporate Events! Have Lethal Rhythms bring your next event to another level with dance floors NO ONE else will have!

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