Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms was recently featured in the fabulous “Celebrations” magazine.  As Celebrations celebrated their 20th issue, they chose to feature Joel Rabe and highlight his veteran experience and expert advice.

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6 Expert Tips on Finding the Right DJ

Author: The Celebration Society

6 Expert Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding DJ

If there’s one vendor who can really make or break the feeling of a wedding reception, it’s the DJ. We talked with Joel Rabe and his Lethal Rhythms team about what makes a great DJ and how to find the right one for your wedding day. The Lethal Rhythms who offer professional mix DJs, video and dedicated planning services.  They regularly perform for clients throughout the United States, Mexico and beyond.  They deliver an amazing experience for approximately 400 clients each year.

How does my DJ choice affect the overall environment of an event?
The quality of the DJ makes a big difference in the outcome of the wedding event because music inspires the energy of the guests. From the ceremony music to cocktail hour and the reception, the music will change with the environment. Having a professional person who is equipped with the appropriate equipment and confidence to lead the crowd is key. DJs don’t just mix music, they MC an event and keep it flowing. They need to adhere to a timeline, be without an ego, and love what they do so much that they do it full time.

Why is there such a big difference pricing?
One DJ may be $300 and the other $1,300. Can you explain? There are no barriers to entry when it comes to wedding services: photographers, DJs, video – you name it. Anyone can pick up some equipment, come up with a catchy name, and then start promoting. So pricing is all over the board. It all comes down to the DJ’s time commitment to their craft and size of their organization. A reputable DJ company employing several team members equipped with backup plans is going to be a bigger investment, but the security you get with spending more is worth the headache you get when your part-time person bails.

Consider the following:
Does your potential vendor have liability insurance? (Many venues now require this). How about a business license? A professional website? How fast is the response time? All of these things require investment on behalf of the DJ. If the possible DJ is offering you a price point under $1,000 for a wedding reception on a Saturday, make sure you get a contract which states what happens if they cancel. You would be amazed how many brides frantically call us 30 days before their wedding because the DJ they booked cancelled or worse yet – just disappeared! They end up losing the money they paid for the “Good Deal” DJ, and worse, may not have a DJ at all.

Are all DJs created equally?
No. Experience and attitude make all the difference. A reputable wedding DJ will have a great website complete with digital mixes of their work and maybe even video footage from their events so you can see what their style is like. Do your research.

Do we get to determine a playlist with you or will you customize music based on our preferences?
Our tagline includes “your style, your taste, your vision” and we mean it. Everything is designed to match your style, including how you provide music options. Some brides will give us a few songs suggestions and some will give us 4+ hours of music for 2 hours of actual dancing time at a reception. It is really whatever you as a bride would like to do.

How do you handle song requests from guests?
We believe the guests are there to celebrate that special day with you and will have legitimate requests. We are experts at reading a crowd and know how to keep the music styled towards the bride and groom’s vision and know how to adeptly intercept any unusual or other strange requests.

A BIG thank you to The Celebration Society for writing this article!